About us

Retech is a company specializing in reconditioning of worn out parts with a major focus in the field of shipping. We offer complete and closed in the company cycle of restoration /machining, welding, heat treatment, chroming, plating, etc/.

Our repair time limits  are always short and we also provide good delivery conditions to various ports around the world.


Retech has an extremely wide range of technologies applied to parts operating under various conditions of wear /abrasion, corrosion, impact, friction, high temperatures, etc./ in various industries of the economy: navigation, ports, mines, chemical industry, ceramic industry, etc


In  our workshops we do repairs of marine  machinery and parts of them, such as repair of pumps,  gear boxes, coolers, filters, gangways and others. We have a bath for ultrasonic cleaning of deposits on ship parts.


Retech  is in possession to produce different kind of new parts. It is worth much that we  can design an machinery, make working drawings and produce it.


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